Audience Segmentation

All you need to know about our Audience Segmentation module

In this guide you'll learn what our Audience Segmentation module is all about and learn about the main parameters in using it for your audience selection and personalized targeting campaigns.


The Audience Segmentation API allows you to segment users based on various criteria, enabling you to target specific audience groups for personalized marketing campaigns, content delivery, and user analysis. Segmentation is achieved through facets, which are key attributes or characteristics used to categorize users. This documentation provides an overview of facets and their types, along with examples and a comprehensive list of possible elements within each facet type.


A facet is a specific attribute or characteristic used for audience segmentation. It provides valuable insights into user behavior, preferences, and demographics. The Audience Segmentation API supports four types of facets:

  • Interests
  • Demographic
  • Companies
  • Pre-defined Personas

When building audiences, you'll select facets from one or more of these facet types to segment and group users.

Below, we'll go deeper into each type of facet.

Demographic Facets

These elements within the demographic facet provide insights into various aspects of users' demographics, financial situations, living arrangements, and life stages. By incorporating these elements into your audience segmentation, you can better understand and target specific groups based on their unique characteristics and circumstances.

Interests Facets

Interests facets segment users based on their preferences, buying intent, or areas of interest. These facets enable you to tailor your content and offerings to users who share common interests, resulting in higher engagement and conversion rates. Examples of interests facets include:

Entertainment: Museums, Zoos, Live Concerts, Gambling, ...
Hobbies: Arts & Crafts, Musical Instruments, Reading, Games, ...
Travel: Cruises, Hotels, Plane Tickets, Money Exchange, Car Rentals, ...
Foods & Drinks: Bars, Coffee Shops, Restaurants, Juices, Food Delivery, ...

Pre-defined Persona Facets

Pre-defined persona facets segment users based on predefined archetypes or profiles - which we call personas. These personas are built by combining demographic, interests or company facets to target specific financial products. Examples of pre-defined personas facets include:

Financial Profiles: Saver, Savvy Investor, Life Insurance Candidate, ...
Personal Profiles: Car Owner, Pet Owner, ...

User Attributes

Hyperplane offers the capability to enrich user segmentation by employing additional attributes, when available, to fine-tune the filtering of responses from certain Audience Segmentation endpoints. One key endpoint that benefits from this enhanced filtering is POST /persona/{{persona_id}}/users. Explore an illustrative example of this in our recipe documentation here.

When supplementary user data, beyond transaction details, is provided (such as user identity or KYC data), our platform enables you to filter users on this endpoint using the following attributes:

  • Birth Date: Apply a date filter based on a user’s birth date.
  • Declared Monthly Income: Implement a numerical filter tied to a user’s declared monthly income.
  • Job Title: Utilize a categorical filter related to a user’s job title.
  • CBO Code: Employ a categorical filter using a user's occupation code (CBO).
  • Branch: Implement a categorical filter associated with a user’s banking agency/branch.


Should user identity data be absent for users within the provided transaction data, applying these filters will yield zero users, as identification with the requisite attributes will not be possible.

Moving forward, we aim to expand our filtering capabilities. Imminent enhancements include the addition of an in-house inferred income filter and further identity filters, enabling even more nuanced user segmentation.

Company Facets

Company facets categorize users based on their interaction or purchase behavior with specific brands, companies or merchants. These facets are particularly useful for B2B marketing, partnerships or when targeting specific industries or companies.

This facet type is still in beta and will be released soon.

Naming Convention of Facets

Facet names follow a naming convention that helps organize and categorize the facets. The naming convention separates facets and their levels using colons (:). The first part of the facet name represents the facet type, followed by the facet name itself, and optionally, multiple levels forming a hierarchy. It's important to note that facet names are case insensitive.

For example, consider the following facet names:

  • interest:bicycle
  • interest:shopping_and_fashion
  • interest:shopping_and_fashion:clothing
  • interest:shopping_and_fashion:accessories
  • demographic:financial:affordability:paycheck_to_paycheck
  • demographic:financial:affordability:breadwinner
  • demographic:financial:affordability:affluent

In these examples, the facet type is indicated at the beginning of each name (e.g., pre_defined_persona, demographic, interest), followed by the facet name and, optionally, multiple levels forming a hierarchy. The hierarchy allows for more granular segmentation within a facet type.

Examples and Explanation

Let's explore a few examples to understand the naming convention and hierarchy in facets:


Facet Type: interest
Facet Name: bicycle
This example falls under the interest facet type, targeting users with an interest in bicycles. It represents a specific segment of users who are interested in cycling, whether it's for recreational purposes, competitive sports, or bike-related hobbies.


Facet Type: interest
Facet Name: shopping_and_fashion:clothing
This example falls under the interest facet type, specifically targeting shopping and fashion interests, with a more specific level of interest in "clothing."


Facet Type: pre_defined_persona
Facet Name: lifestyle:pet_owner
This example represents a pre-defined persona facet related to lifestyle, specifically targeting individuals who are pet owners. The facet name includes a hierarchy level to indicate the persona category. It signifies a segment of users who have pets as part of their lifestyle and are likely to have unique needs and interests related to pet care, pet products, and pet-friendly activities.


Facet Type: demographic
Facet Name: financial:affordability:paycheck_to_paycheck
This example belongs to the demographic facet type, focusing on financial factors related to affordability. The facet name includes multiple levels forming a hierarchy. In this case, it represents the affordability level of being "paycheck to paycheck".

API Conventions


For the header of your request, you'll need a few pieces of information:

  • authentication token
  • module ID

Below is a request example with what a header should look like:

curl -X 'GET' \
'https://api.<URL>' \
-H 'authorization: <AUTHENTICATION_TOKEN>' \
-H 'module-id: <MODULE_ID>' \
-H 'accept: application/json'

For a comprehensive code guide on this, check out our Audience Segmentation Recipe.


When creating a new segmentation, you'll provide a list of facets, based on their facet types (demographic, interest, etc).

Here is an example:

  "persona_name": "life insurance candidates",
  "locations": [],
  "interest_facets": [
    { "name": "child_care", "weight": 0.2},
    { "name": "kindergarden", "weight": 0.2},
    { "name": "savings_and_investment", "weight": 0.2},
  "demographic_facets": [
    { "name": "financial:affordability:affluent", "weight": 0.7},
    { "name": "financial:affordability:breadwinner", "weight": 0.8},
  "company_facets": [],
  "pre_defined_personas": [
    { "name": "investor:savvy_investor", "weight": 0.75},

Notice how we used child_care instead of interests:child_care under the interest_facets request. Both options are ok to use.

Also, as a reminder, these names are case insensitive, so it would have been equally acceptable to have used CHILD_CARE or INTERESTS:CHILD_CARE as an input.

List of All Possible Facets

Below is the list of all the possible facets you can use in the audience segmentation module.

Demographic Facets

financial:affordability:paycheck_to_paycheckIndividuals who live with limited financial resources and struggle to cover expenses between paychecks.
financial:affordability:breadwinnerIndividuals who are the primary earners in their households.
financial:affordability:affluentIndividuals who have a high level of financial resources and can afford luxury and high-end products or services.
income:non_salariedIndividuals who earn income through means other than a salary, such as freelancers, self-employed professionals, or those with irregular income sources.
home:home_ownership:house_ownerIndividuals who own the house they live in.
home:household:familyIndividuals who are part of a household that includes family members.
home:household:singleIndividuals who live alone or as a single-person household.
home:home_ownership:house_renterIndividuals who rent the house they live in instead of owning it.
financial:affordability:financial_distressIndividuals who are experiencing financial difficulties or facing financial challenges.
income:retiredIndividuals who have ceased regular employment due to reaching retirement age or retiring early.

Interests Facets

shopping_and_fashion:beautyUsers interested in beauty-related products, cosmetics, skincare, and beauty routines.
shopping_and_fashion:clothingUsers interested in fashion and clothing, including trends, brands, and apparel.
shopping_and_fashion:accessoriesUsers interested in fashion accessories such as jewelry, watches, handbags, and other accessories.
entertainment:gamesUsers interested in gaming, including video games, online gaming, console gaming, and gaming communities.
entertainment:live_eventsUsers interested in attending live events such as concerts, festivals, theater performances, or sports events.
entertainment:moviesUsers interested in movies, cinema, film reviews, and the entertainment industry.
entertainment:musicUsers interested in music, including genres, artists, bands, music streaming, and music events.
entertainment:readingUsers interested in reading, books, literature, and related topics.
hobbies_and_activities:arts_and_musicUsers interested in arts, crafts, painting, drawing, music, and musical instruments.
fitness_wellness:gymUsers interested in fitness and wellness, including gym workouts, fitness classes, and exercise routines.
fitness_wellness:nutritionUsers interested in nutrition, healthy eating, diets, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
entertainment:tvUsers interested in television shows, series, streaming platforms, and TV-related content.
food_and_drinks:restaurantsUsers interested in dining out, trying new restaurants, culinary experiences, and food culture.
food_and_drinks:beveragesUsers interested in beverages such as coffee, tea, soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, or specialty drinks.
food_and_drinks:cookingUsers interested in cooking, recipes, culinary techniques, and kitchen appliances.
hobbies_and_activities:petsUsers interested in pets, pet care, pet adoption, pet accessories, and pet-related activities.
hobbies_and_activities:vehicleUsers interested in vehicles, automobiles, car maintenance, car accessories, and automotive culture.
hobbies_and_activities:travelUsers interested in travel, exploring new destinations, travel tips, vacation planning, and travel experiences.
shopping_and_fashion:shopping_mallsUsers interested in shopping malls, retail therapy, brand stores, and shopping experiences.
unspecifiedUsers who have not specified any particular interests.
acaiUsers interested in acai, a popular fruit known for its health benefits.
account_and_service_feesUsers interested in account and service fees associated with financial transactions or services.
accountancyUsers interested in accounting, financial statements, bookkeeping, and financial analysis.
alimonyUsers interested in alimony, which refers to financial support paid by one spouse to another after a divorce or separation.
anticipated_paycheckUsers interested in expected or projected paychecks.
app_storeUsers interested in app stores, mobile applications, and app-related content.
appliances_and_furniture_rentUsers interested in renting appliances and furniture for temporary use or flexibility.
architecture_and_designUsers interested in architecture, interior design, home design, and architectural trends.
arts_and_craftsUsers interested in arts and crafts, DIY projects, handmade items, and crafting techniques.
arts_and_cultureUsers interested in arts, culture, museums, art exhibitions, and cultural events.
assisted_livingUsers interested in assisted living facilities, services, and care for older adults or individuals with special needs.
associationsUsers interested in professional or hobbyist associations, clubs, organizations, or societies.
atm_depositUsers interested in ATM deposits, including depositing cash or checks through automated teller machines.
atm_feesUsers interested in fees associated with ATM transactions or withdrawals.
atm_withdrawalUsers interested in ATM withdrawals, including accessing cash from automated teller machines.
automatic_investmentUsers interested in automatic investment services, where funds are automatically invested based on predetermined rules.
baby_suppliesUsers interested in baby supplies, including products for newborns, infants, and toddlers.
bakeriesUsers interested in bakeries, baked goods, pastries, and bakery products.
barsUsers interested in bars, pubs, nightlife, cocktails, and alcoholic beverages.
beauty_productsUsers interested in beauty products, including skincare, cosmetics, haircare, and personal care items.
beauty_salonsUsers interested in beauty salons, hair salons, beauty treatments, and salon services.
benefitsUsers interested in benefits associated with employment, government programs, or other types of benefits.
bicycleUsers interested in bicycles, cycling, biking events, cycling accessories, and bike-related activities.
bingoUsers interested in bingo games, bingo halls, or online bingo.
bonusUsers interested in bonuses, additional income, or extra compensation received for specific achievements or performance.
bookstoreUsers interested in bookstores, books, literary works, or the book retail industry.
busUsers interested in bus transportation, bus routes, public transportation, or bus-related services.
bus_ticketsUsers interested in purchasing or using bus tickets for travel.
butchersUsers interested in butchers, meat products, cuts of meat, or meat-related recipes.
c2p_transferUsers interested in card-to-phone transfers, including transferring funds or payments from a card to a mobile phone.
capital_gainsUsers interested in capital gains, which refer to profits earned from the sale of an investment or asset.
capitalization_bondUsers interested in capitalization bonds, a type of investment that offers fixed interest rates and capitalization of earnings.
car_and_motorbikeUsers interested in cars and motorbikes, including automobile or motorcycle-related content, news, or discussions.
car_lease_paymentUsers interested in payments associated with car leasing, including monthly lease payments.
car_loan_paymentUsers interested in payments associated with car loans, including monthly loan repayments.
car_partsUsers interested in car parts, automotive components, or accessories for vehicle maintenance or modification.
car_rentalUsers interested in car rental services, renting vehicles for short periods, or car-sharing platforms.
car_repair_and_maintenanceUsers interested in car repair and maintenance, including vehicle servicing, repairs, or routine maintenance.
car_washUsers interested in car wash services, including automated or manual car wash facilities.
cash_bonusUsers interested in cash bonuses, additional monetary rewards, or incentives received in cash form.
cashbackUsers interested in cashback rewards, programs, or offers that provide a percentage of the purchase amount back as cash.
casinosUsers interested in casinos, gambling establishments, casino games, or gambling-related content.
cell_phoneUsers interested in cell phones, mobile devices, smartphone technology, or mobile communication.
charityUsers interested in charitable causes, nonprofit organizations, donations, or philanthropy.
check_depositUsers interested in check deposits, including depositing checks through banking channels.
child_careUsers interested in child care services, including daycare centers, babysitting, or nanny services.
child_supportUsers interested in child support, which refers to financial support provided to a child by a parent or guardian.
chiropractor_and_physical_therapyUsers interested in chiropractic services, physical therapy, or related treatments for musculoskeletal conditions.
chocolate_and_candiesUsers interested in chocolate, candies, sweets, or confectionery products.
cleaning_servicesUsers interested in cleaning services, including house cleaning, office cleaning, or professional cleaning companies.
clothing_and_accessoriesUsers interested in clothing and accessories, including fashion trends, apparel, and personal style.
cloud_services_and_webhostingUsers interested in cloud services and web hosting, including cloud storage, cloud computing, or website hosting.
cloud_services_and_webhosting_subscriptionsUsers interested in subscriptions for cloud services or web hosting platforms.
club_membershipUsers interested in club memberships, including fitness clubs, social clubs, or subscription-based memberships.
coffee_and_tea_shopsUsers interested in coffee and tea shops, coffee culture, brewing techniques, or specialty tea and coffee drinks.
college_and_universityUsers interested in colleges and universities, higher education, or university-related topics.
college_prep_schoolUsers interested in college preparatory schools, high schools that focus on preparing students for college.
community_collegeUsers interested in community colleges, two-year colleges, or associate degree programs.
condo_and_hoa_feeUsers interested in condo or homeowners association (HOA) fees, which cover maintenance costs for shared spaces in residential communities.
construction_and_renovationUsers interested in construction and renovation, including building projects, home improvement, or remodeling.
consultingUsers interested in consulting services, including management consulting, business consulting, or professional advice.
consumer_servicesUsers interested in consumer services, including customer support, customer care, or consumer-focused industries.
convenience_storesUsers interested in convenience stores, corner shops, or small-scale retail stores that offer a variety of products.
credit_cardUsers interested in credit cards, credit card offers, or credit card-related content.
credit_card_feesUsers interested in fees associated with credit card usage, such as annual fees, late payment fees, or foreign transaction fees.
credit_card_paymentUsers interested in credit card payments, including making payments towards credit card balances or managing credit card bills.
crowdfundingUsers interested in crowdfunding, a method of raising funds through contributions from a large number of people.
cruisesUsers interested in cruises, cruise vacations, cruise lines, or cruise-related travel.
cryptocurrenciesUsers interested in cryptocurrencies, digital currencies, blockchain technology, or cryptocurrency investments.
currency_and_foreign_transaction_feeUsers interested in currency exchange rates or fees associated with foreign transactions.
dating_app_subscriptionsUsers interested in subscriptions for dating apps or platforms.
dating_appsUsers interested in dating apps or online dating platforms.
dental_planUsers interested in dental plans, dental insurance, or dental care services.
dentistUsers interested in dentistry, dental health, dental treatments, or oral hygiene.
department_storesUsers interested in department stores, large-scale retail stores that offer a wide range of products and brands.
derivativesUsers interested in derivatives, financial instruments whose value is derived from an underlying asset or benchmark.
dividendUsers interested in dividends, which refer to payments made by a company to its shareholders from its profits.
donationsUsers interested in making donations or contributing to charitable causes.
donuts_and_sweet_pastriesUsers interested in donuts, sweet pastries, or baked goods with a sweet flavor.
drink_subscriptionsUsers interested in subscriptions for beverages or drink-related products.
driving_schoolUsers interested in driving schools, driving lessons, or driver's education programs.
dvd_rentalsUsers interested in renting DVDs or physical media for movies or television shows.
educationUsers interested in education, learning, educational institutions, or educational resources.
electrical_installation_and_repairsUsers interested in electrical installations, electrical repairs, or electrical services.
electricityUsers interested in electricity consumption, electricity providers, or electricity-related topics.
electronicsUsers interested in electronics, electronic devices, gadgets, or consumer electronics.
electronics_repairsUsers interested in electronic repairs, repairing electronic devices, or electronics repair services.
elementary_schoolUsers interested in elementary schools, primary education, or educational programs for young children.
engineering_servicesUsers interested in engineering services, engineering projects, or engineering consulting.
entertainmentUsers interested in entertainment in general, including various forms of entertainment, leisure activities, or entertainment industry news.
entrepreneurial_activitiesUsers interested in entrepreneurial activities, starting a business, or business development.
event_planningUsers interested in event planning, organizing events, or event management.
extra_curricular_coursesUsers interested in extracurricular courses or activities outside of regular academic curriculum.
eyewearUsers interested in eyewear, glasses, contact lenses, or vision-related products.
family_supportUsers interested in family support services, resources for families, or family counseling.
fast_foodUsers interested in fast food, quick service restaurants, or fast food chains.
fees_and_chargesUsers interested in fees and charges associated with financial transactions, services, or accounts.
financial_servicesUsers interested in financial services, including banking, investing, financial planning, or financial products.
firearmsUsers interested in firearms, guns, gun ownership, gun regulations, or shooting sports.
fitness_and_sportsUsers interested in fitness and sports in general, including fitness activities, sports events, or athletic pursuits.
fitness_subscriptionsUsers interested in subscriptions for fitness-related services or fitness programs.
fixed_income_investmentUsers interested in fixed income investments, such as bonds, fixed deposits, or other income-generating financial instruments.
flowers_and_plantsUsers interested in flowers, plants, gardening, or floral arrangements.
food_and_drink_subscriptionsUsers interested in subscriptions for food and drink products.
food_and_drinksUsers interested in food and drinks in general, including cuisine, culinary experiences, or food culture.
food_deliveryUsers interested in food delivery services, online food ordering, or meal delivery platforms.
food_subscriptionsUsers interested in subscriptions for food-related products or meal kits.
food_trucksUsers interested in food trucks, mobile food vendors, or street food.
foreign_exchangeUsers interested in foreign exchange markets, currency exchange rates, or foreign currency trading.
formal_education_tuitionUsers interested in formal education tuition, including university or college tuition fees.
formal_work_compensationUsers interested in compensation related to formal employment, including salaries, wages, or employee benefits.
fraud_disputeUsers interested in fraud disputes, fraud prevention, or protecting against fraudulent activities.
furniture_and_decorUsers interested in furniture and home decor, including interior design, home furnishings, or home decoration.
gamblingUsers interested in gambling in general, including casino games, betting, or other forms of gambling entertainment.
games_for_pc_and_consolesUsers interested in games for PCs or gaming consoles, including video games or computer games.
gaming_subscriptionsUsers interested in subscriptions for gaming-related services or gaming platforms.
garbage_collectionUsers interested in garbage collection services or waste management.
gardens_and_botanical_gardensUsers interested in gardens and botanical gardens, plant cultivation, or horticulture.
gas_and_fuelUsers interested in gas and fuel, including gasoline, diesel, or alternative fuel sources.
giftUsers interested in gift-giving, gift ideas, or gift-related content.
gig_work_incomeUsers interested in gig work income, including income earned through gig economy platforms or freelance work.
government_aidUsers interested in government aid programs, social welfare, or public assistance.
groceriesUsers interested in groceries, grocery shopping, or grocery stores.
gym_membershipsUsers interested in gym memberships, fitness club subscriptions, or access to fitness facilities.
hair_salons_and_barbershopsUsers interested in hair salons and barbershops, haircuts, hairstyling, or hair care.
health_plansUsers interested in health plans, including health insurance or health coverage options.
healthcareUsers interested in healthcare in general, including medical services, healthcare providers, or healthcare industry news.
high_schoolUsers interested in high schools, secondary education, or educational programs for older students.
hobbies_and_interestsUsers interested in hobbies and interests in general, including personal hobbies, leisure activities, or special interests.
holiday_bonusUsers interested in holiday bonuses, additional income, or incentives received during holiday seasons.
home_appliancesUsers interested in home appliances, including household devices, kitchen appliances, or electronic home gadgets.
home_goodsUsers interested in home goods, household items, or products for domestic use.
home_loan_and_mortgageUsers interested in home loans and mortgages, including housing finance, mortgage rates, or real estate financing.
home_maintenance_and_improvementUsers interested in home maintenance and improvement, including repairs, renovations, or home improvement projects.
home_securityUsers interested in home security systems, alarms, or other measures to ensure home safety.
home_servicesUsers interested in home services, including professional services for home maintenance, cleaning, or repairs.
homestaysUsers interested in homestays, staying in private homes or accommodations provided by local hosts.
hospital_and_doctor_billsUsers interested in hospital and doctor bills, medical expenses, or healthcare-related financial matters.
hotelsUsers interested in hotels, accommodations, or hospitality services for travelers.
household_hardwareUsers interested in household hardware, tools, or equipment for home repairs or DIY projects.
housewareUsers interested in houseware, household items, or utensils for domestic use.
housingUsers interested in housing in general, including real estate, rental properties, or housing market trends.
hvac_installation_and_repairsUsers interested in HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) installation and repairs, or HVAC services.
ice_cream_and_yogurtsUsers interested in ice cream, frozen yogurt, gelato, or other frozen desserts.
in_home_careUsers interested in in-home care services, caregiving, or home healthcare.
incomeUsers interested in income in general, including various sources of income or income-related topics.
income_taxUsers interested in income tax, taxation, or tax-related matters.
interestUsers interested in interest rates, compound interest, or interest-related financial concepts.
interest_and_dividendsUsers interested in interest and dividends, including income generated from interest-bearing accounts or dividend-paying investments.
interest_chargeUsers interested in interest charges, such as interest applied to credit card balances or loan repayments.
internetUsers interested in the internet, online services, digital technologies, or internet-related topics.
investment_fundsUsers interested in investment funds, mutual funds, or other investment vehicles.
iofUsers interested in the IOF (Imposto sobre Operações Financeiras), a type of financial transaction tax in Brazil.
japanese_and_sushiUsers interested in Japanese cuisine, sushi, or Japanese food culture.
jewelryUsers interested in jewelry, including rings, necklaces, bracelets, or other types of accessories.
juice_barsUsers interested in juice bars, smoothies, or establishments that offer freshly squeezed juices.
k_12_educationUsers interested in K-12 education, including primary and secondary education.
kindergardenUsers interested in kindergarten education or preschool programs.
labs_and_clinical_testingUsers interested in labs and clinical testing, including medical laboratories or diagnostic testing services.
landline_phoneUsers interested in landline phones or landline phone services.
landscapingUsers interested in landscaping, gardening, or outdoor design for residential or commercial properties.
language_coursesUsers interested in language courses, language learning, or language education programs.
late_feeUsers interested in late fees, penalties, or charges applied for late payments or missed deadlines.
laundryUsers interested in laundry services, laundromats, or tips and tricks for efficient laundry care.
lease_paymentUsers interested in lease payments, including payments associated with leasing vehicles, equipment, or property.
legal_obligationsUsers interested in legal obligations, legal responsibilities, or compliance with legal requirements.
legal_servicesUsers interested in legal services, legal advice, or legal representation.
life_insuranceUsers interested in life insurance, life coverage, or financial protection in case of death.
liquor_storesUsers interested in liquor stores, alcoholic beverages, or purchasing liquor products.
live_concertsUsers interested in live concerts, music performances, or live music events.
loan_paymentUsers interested in loan payments, including repayments for personal loans, mortgages, or other types of loans.
lodgingUsers interested in lodging, accommodations, or places to stay during travel or vacations.
lotteryUsers interested in lotteries, lottery tickets, or lottery-related content.
mail_postage_and_shippingUsers interested in mail, postage, shipping services, or postal-related topics.
marketing_and_publicityUsers interested in marketing and publicity, advertising strategies, or promotional campaigns.
markets_and_supermarketsUsers interested in markets and supermarkets, grocery shopping, or retail stores for food and household items.
medical_expensesUsers interested in medical expenses, healthcare costs, or expenses related to medical treatments or services.
medical_planUsers interested in medical plans, health insurance, or health coverage options.
mental_health_and_well_beingUsers interested in mental health and well-being, including mental health services, self-care, or mental health awareness.
middle_schoolUsers interested in middle schools, education programs for students between primary and high school.
mileage_programUsers interested in mileage programs, loyalty programs, or rewards programs based on distance traveled.
mobile_devices_and_accessoriesUsers interested in mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, or accessories for mobile devices.
mobile_gamesUsers interested in games designed for mobile devices, including mobile gaming apps or mobile gaming communities.
money_depositUsers interested in depositing money into bank accounts, savings accounts, or other financial instruments.
money_operationsUsers interested in various money operations, financial transactions, or money management.
money_withdrawalUsers interested in withdrawing money from bank accounts or other financial instruments.
monthly_phone_billUsers interested in monthly phone bills or mobile phone service charges.
motorbike_lease_paymentUsers interested in payments associated with motorbike leasing, including monthly lease payments.
motorbike_loan_paymentUsers interested in payments associated with motorbike loans, including monthly loan repayments.
motorbike_partsUsers interested in motorbike parts, accessories, or components for motorbike maintenance or modification.
motorbike_repair_and_maintenanceUsers interested in motorbike repair and maintenance services or motorbike maintenance tips.
movie_theatersUsers interested in movie theaters, cinema, or movie showtimes.
moving_servicesUsers interested in moving services, relocation, or companies that offer assistance with moving.
museumsUsers interested in museums, art galleries, historical exhibitions, or cultural institutions.
musicUsers interested in music in general, including music genres, artists, music news, or music events.
music_subscriptionsUsers interested in subscriptions for music streaming services or music download platforms.
musical_instrumentsUsers interested in musical instruments, playing instruments, or musical instrument accessories.
nail_salonsUsers interested in nail salons, manicures, pedicures, or nail care services.
natural_gas_and_oilUsers interested in natural gas and oil, including energy resources, fossil fuels, or related industries.
natural_parksUsers interested in natural parks, national parks, or protected natural areas.
nature_and_natural_parksUsers interested in nature and natural parks in general, including wildlife, outdoor activities, or nature conservation.
newsletter_subscriptionsUsers interested in subscriptions for newsletters or email subscriptions for specific topics or interests.
newsstandsUsers interested in newsstands, magazines, newspapers, or printed publications.
night_clubsUsers interested in nightclubs, nightlife, or entertainment venues for dancing or socializing.
notary_servicesUsers interested in notary services, notarizing documents, or notary public services.
office_suppliesUsers interested in office supplies, stationery, or products for office use.
online_course_subscriptionsUsers interested in subscriptions for online courses or e-learning platforms.
online_coursesUsers interested in online courses, distance learning, or web-based educational programs.
online_gamblingUsers interested in online gambling, online casinos, or betting platforms on the internet.
optometristUsers interested in optometry, eye care, or vision-related services.
overdraft_feeUsers interested in overdraft fees, charges applied when a bank account has insufficient funds to cover a transaction.
p2c_transferUsers interested in person-to-card transfers, including transferring funds or payments from a person to a card.
parkingUsers interested in parking, parking facilities, or parking-related services.
parts_and_tiresUsers interested in vehicle parts, including tires, car components, or accessories for automotive maintenance or modification.
pawn_shopsUsers interested in pawn shops, pawnbrokers, or pawning personal items for short-term loans.
payday_loansUsers interested in payday loans, short-term loans, or cash advances with high interest rates.
pension_incomeUsers interested in pension income, retirement income, or income received from pension plans.
pension_plans_investmentUsers interested in pension plans as investment vehicles, retirement planning, or pension fund management.
person_to_person_transferUsers interested in person-to-person transfers, including transferring funds or making payments between individuals.
personal_careUsers interested in personal care products, personal grooming, or self-care routines.
personal_care_subscriptionsUsers interested in subscriptions for personal care products or self-care subscription boxes.
personal_loansUsers interested in personal loans, unsecured loans, or loans for personal use.
pest_controlUsers interested in pest control services, extermination, or pest management.
pet_storesUsers interested in pet stores, pet supplies, or purchasing pet-related products.
petsUsers interested in pets in general, including pet ownership, pet care, or pet-related topics.
pharmacyUsers interested in pharmacies, medication, prescription drugs, or pharmaceutical services.
phone_and_cell_phoneUsers interested in phones, cell phones, or mobile phones in general.
physical_storageUsers interested in physical storage facilities, self-storage, or storage rental.
pizzaUsers interested in pizza, pizza delivery, or pizzerias.
plane_ticketsUsers interested in plane tickets, air travel, or flight bookings.
politicalUsers interested in politics, political news, political campaigns, or political events.
pre_paid_phone_chargeUsers interested in pre-paid phone charges or top-up options for mobile phone credits.
printing_and_photographyUsers interested in printing services, photography services, or printing and photography-related topics.
private_pension_incomeUsers interested in private pension income, retirement income received from private pension plans.
professional_associationsUsers interested in professional associations, industry organizations, or membership in professional communities.
property_or_renter_insuranceUsers interested in property or renter insurance, insurance coverage for property or rental units.
property_taxUsers interested in property taxes, taxes levied on real estate or property ownership.
public_pension_incomeUsers interested in public pension income, retirement income received from government pension plans.
public_transportationUsers interested in public transportation, including buses, trains, or other modes of public transit.
real_estateUsers interested in real estate, property buying and selling, or real estate investment.
registrationUsers interested in registrations, sign-ups, or enrollment for various services or programs.
reimbursementUsers interested in reimbursement, refund, or compensation for expenses or payments.
religious_and_churchesUsers interested in religion, religious beliefs, or religious organizations.
religious_servicesUsers interested in religious services, religious ceremonies, or places of worship.
rent_paymentUsers interested in rent payments, including monthly rent payments for housing or rental properties.
rental_incomeUsers interested in rental income, income received from renting out properties or rental units.
repair_and_maintenanceUsers interested in repair and maintenance services, including repairs for various items or equipment.
repair_servicesUsers interested in repair services in general, including repairs for electronics, appliances, or vehicles.
restaurantsUsers interested in restaurants, dining out, or food establishments.
retirement_and_401k_incomeUsers interested in retirement income, including income received from 401(k) plans or other retirement savings.
retirement_and_pensionUsers interested in retirement planning, pension plans, or retirement-related topics.
salary_and_paycheckUsers interested in salaries, paychecks, or income received from employment.
same_person_transferUsers interested in same-person transfers, including transferring funds or making payments between accounts held by the same person.
sandwiches_and_burgersUsers interested in sandwiches, burgers, or establishments that offer sandwiches and burgers.
savings_accountUsers interested in savings accounts, including opening savings accounts or managing savings.
savings_and_investmentUsers interested in savings and investment in general, including strategies for saving money or investment opportunities.
school_transportationUsers interested in school transportation services, including buses or transportation options for students.
shoes_and_footwearUsers interested in shoes, footwear, or shoe-related products.
snack_barUsers interested in snack bars, vending machines, or establishments that offer snacks or quick bites.
softwareUsers interested in software, computer programs, or software-related topics.
software_subscriptionsUsers interested in subscriptions for software products or software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms.
spa_and_massageUsers interested in spas, massage services, or relaxation and wellness treatments.
sporting_goodsUsers interested in sporting goods, sports equipment, or athletic gear.
sports_classesUsers interested in sports classes, training programs, or lessons for specific sports.
sports_gamblingUsers interested in sports gambling, betting on sports events, or sports betting platforms.
sports_practiceUsers interested in sports practice, training sessions, or practice drills for specific sports.
steak_houseUsers interested in steak houses, restaurants that specialize in serving steak or grilled meat.
streaming_subscriptionsUsers interested in subscriptions for streaming services, including video streaming or music streaming platforms.
student_loan_paymentUsers interested in student loan payments, including repayments for educational loans or student loan refinancing.
sweets_and_dessertsUsers interested in sweets, desserts, or confections with a sweet taste.
tattoos_and_body_piercingUsers interested in tattoos, body piercing, or body modification.
taxi_and_rideshare_appsUsers interested in taxi services, ride-sharing apps, or transportation services.
telecommunicationsUsers interested in telecommunications, communication networks, or telecommunication services.
theatersUsers interested in theaters, performing arts, or theater productions.
theme_and_amusement_parksUsers interested in theme parks, amusement parks, or entertainment parks.
third_party_transferUsers interested in third-party transfers, including transferring funds or making payments through third-party platforms or services.
thirteenth_salaryUsers interested in thirteenth salary, an additional salary payment usually received at the end of the year in some countries.
thrift_and_vintageUsers interested in thrift stores, vintage clothing, or secondhand goods.
tiresUsers interested in tires, tire maintenance, or purchasing tires for vehicles.
tobacco_and_smokingUsers interested in tobacco products, smoking-related topics, or smoking cessation.
tolls_and_bridgesUsers interested in tolls and bridges, including toll fees or bridge crossings.
towing_serviceUsers interested in towing services, roadside assistance, or vehicle towing.
toys_and_gamesUsers interested in toys and games in general, including children's toys, board games, or video games.
trade_unions_and_syndicatesUsers interested in trade unions, labor unions, or syndicates representing workers' rights.
traffic_violation_finesUsers interested in traffic violation fines, penalties, or fines associated with traffic offenses.
train_and_subwayUsers interested in trains and subways, railway transportation, or commuting by train.
transfersUsers interested in transfers in general, including fund transfers or money transfers.
transportationUsers interested in transportation in general, including various modes of transportation or transportation-related topics.
travelUsers interested in travel in general, including travel destinations, travel tips, or travel-related content.
travel_agencyUsers interested in travel agencies, travel agents, or travel planning services.
treasury_bondUsers interested in treasury bonds, government bonds, or fixed-income securities.
tv_subscriptionsUsers interested in subscriptions for TV services, cable TV, or satellite TV.
uncategorizedUsers interested in uncategorized topics or interests that don't fit into specific categories.
uncategorized_bnplUsers interested in buy now, pay later (BNPL) services or BNPL-related topics.
uncategorized_consortiumUsers interested in uncategorized consortiums or consortium-related topics.
uncategorized_event_ticketsUsers interested in uncategorized event tickets, ticket sales, or event ticketing platforms.
uncategorized_insuranceUsers interested in uncategorized insurance topics or insurance-related content.
uncategorized_loansUsers interested in uncategorized loans or loan-related topics that don't fit into specific loan types.
uncategorized_shoppingUsers interested in uncategorized shopping or shopping-related content that doesn't fit into specific shopping categories.
uncategorized_subscriptionsUsers interested in uncategorized subscriptions or subscription-related topics that don't fit into specific subscription types.
universityUsers interested in universities, higher education institutions, or university-related content.
utilitiesUsers interested in utilities, utility bills, or services such as electricity, water, or gas.
vacation_bonusUsers interested in vacation bonuses, additional income, or incentives received for vacations or time off.
variable_income_investmentUsers interested in variable income investments, investments with fluctuating returns or variable income streams.
vehicle_insuranceUsers interested in vehicle insurance, auto insurance, or insurance coverage for vehicles.
vehicle_property_taxUsers interested in vehicle property taxes, taxes levied on vehicle ownership or registration.
vending_machinesUsers interested in vending machines, automated retail machines, or products sold through vending machines.
veterinarianUsers interested in veterinarians, veterinary care, or pet healthcare services.
videoUsers interested in videos, video content, or video-related topics.
video_gamingUsers interested in video gaming in general, including console gaming, PC gaming, or video game culture.
vision_planUsers interested in vision plans, vision insurance, or eye care coverage.
vitamins_and_supplementsUsers interested in vitamins, dietary supplements, or nutritional supplements.
waterUsers interested in water, water supply, or water-related topics.
water_and_trashUsers interested in water and trash services, water bills, or waste management.
waxing_salonsUsers interested in waxing salons, hair removal services, or waxing treatments.
wire_transfer_feesUsers interested in wire transfer fees, charges associated with sending or receiving wire transfers.
zoosUsers interested in zoos, animal parks, or zoological gardens.

Pre-defined Personas Facets

financial_products:consignadoUsers who are specifically identified as potential customers for "consignado" financial products. Consignado refers to a type of loan where the repayment is deducted directly from the borrower's salary or pension.
financial_products:life_insuranceUsers who are specifically identified as potential customers for life insurance products. Life insurance provides financial protection to the insured person's beneficiaries in the event of their death.
investor:savvy_investorUsers who are identified as savvy investors, meaning they have knowledge and expertise in investment strategies and seek to make informed investment decisions.
investor:saverUsers who are identified as savers, indicating their inclination to save money and build a financial cushion rather than engaging in high-risk investment activities.
lifestyle:pet_ownerUsers who are specifically identified as pet owners and have an interest in transportation services related to pet ownership. This may include topics such as pet-friendly transportation options or pet travel accessories.
transportation:car_ownerUsers who are specifically identified as car owners and have an interest in transportation services related to car ownership. This may include topics such as car maintenance, car insurance, or car-related accessories.
travelerUsers who are identified as frequent or enthusiastic travelers, indicating their interest in various aspects of travel, including destinations, travel tips, travel booking services, or travel-related products.

Company Facets

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